SPORTS SPLIT STEP (SSS™) offers some simple but powerful tools for teaching footwork movements used by the top professionals in many different sports. These innovative products allow the serious coach or athlete to improve their timing and quickness.

Each of the tools have been designed and built with the intent of taking an athlete thru some very basic drills and then challenging or pushing their skills to higher levels. Precise measurements of movements and timing can be obtained for feedback, thus preventing the athlete from acquiring bad habits.

Some 200 video clips illustrate the products in ways which show how the devices can be used for improving footwork and movement in various sports. Gordon Uehling and Dr. Peter Gorman presented a talk called 'Balance Control And The Split Step' at the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in Nov 2013, which emphasis the concepts used with the Sports Split Step products.

Athletes in sports like tennis, fencing, lacrosse, football, basketball, pickle ball, racquetball, squash, badminton, baseball, soccer, volleyball and most sports will benefit by using the tools and techniques presented.

In analyzing tennis we have found some fundamental movements that repeat time and again. We have broken them down into 5 segments:

  1. Recovering & Centering
  2. Loading & Preparing to Hop
  3. Reading Ball Direction
  4. Landing on Offside Foot
  5. Moving & Executing

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