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The Sports Split Step Timing Light program is an amazing accessory for the tennis athletes I train. I recommend this functional movement tool for any age group as we have seen improved timing for their split step in all ages. 
Ben Barrick
Owner Excel Sports Performance 
Boca Raton, FL
Excel Sports Performance
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CourtSense uses and recommends the Concepts and Teaching Tools provided by Sports Split Step.


Gordon Uehling Founder & Managing Director

The iPad tricks worked !  Thanks.  I have been using the app. It worked very well.  I do 3D Biomechanical analysis.  My website is scio3dsports.com. Currently I am consulting with Oklahoma University.  I recommended your APP to them today.

Thanks Jim

May all your serves be Aces!

Jim Shaughnessy
"The Sports Split Step (SSC1) trainer is a great tool for tennis players and coaches ,it not only helps us in theory about the tennis footwork, but also helps us in training on the tennis court."
Mark Zou 
PhD, PTR pro, ITF coach
CTA National tennis Umpire
CTA National tennis Tester and  Instructor

Beijing China

College and Professional Athletes realize that speed and endurance enables them to compete at higher levels and thus they will emphasize the Strength and Conditioning (S&C). The problem resides not with the training of muscle and speed, but with training the sensory-motor pathways in conjunction with the muscle. Understanding the proper timing and not having a timing device to provide visual signals for when movements are to begin/end make this sensory-motor training difficult to learn.

 The products from Sports Split Step provide the tools to develop the correct sensory-motor pathways while training with most Strength & Conditioning exercises. The progressive steps allow the Athletes to learn to perform the movements perfectly 95% of the time thus eliminating the creation of bad habits. Athletes can use S&C bungees cords in conjunction with the Sports Split Step devices to improve both their S&C along with sports specific movements.

Thanks Vic,

Dario Novak, PhD
Dept. of General & Applied Kinesiology
University of Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia

"I am very pleased with the Sports Split Step Timing Light for our Playmate Ball Machine. It was easy to install in 15 minutes and worked great! It is really helping our family train our timing on split steps to prepare for actual match play. Delivery was fast and Vic was very helpful with any question and has an excellent website full of valuable information on the device and training techniques. The Sports Split Step Timing Light should be a standard accessory to every ball machine since you cannot anticipate when a ball is coming out of the machine like playing a real person and players can have a tendency to be late in timing their split step without a device like the Timing Light. Highly recommended for all levels of play for personal use and academy training programs." 

Sincerely, DH

It is a challenge to standardize tennis teaching within the High Schools because of the many organizational skills required, and the variety of tennis skills possessed by various teachers.  The tennis split step is complex to understand and difficult to reinforce because of the speed of movement, but it may be the most useful skill for playing competitive high school tennis.

The Split Step Coach concept provides a simple and consistent way that non-skilled coaches can provide discipline and correct instruction when it comes to timing the split step and learning the 5 segments of movement. The products basically separate sport specific skill training while reinforcing the movement of the players in getting to the hitting position.

While I would not trade our Sport Split Step Coach (SSC1 Hardware Unit), the IOS and Android mobile device Apps provide a very reasonable price for the tennis coach or the tennis player to become familiar with the concept.  The overall experience will be appreciated within a short period of time. 

Executive Director
Florida High School Tennis Coaches Assoc.
164 Coply Terrace
Sebastian, Fl 32958


College Baseball Athletes realize that speed and endurance enables them to compete at higher levels and thus they will emphasize the Strength and Conditioning (S&C). The problem resides not with the training of muscle and speed, but with training the sensory-motor pathways in conjunction with the muscle development. Understanding the proper timing to provide visual signals for when movements are to begin/end make this sensory-motor training difficult to learn.

The products from Sports Split Step can be used for tee work and dry swings for batting and fielding practice either indoor (raining day) or outdoors on the field or sidelines. For baseball the problem is having enough space to practice; this SSC1 device makes for a very good timing tool that allows players to get reps.  The progressive steps inherent in the device allow the Athlete to learn to perform the movements perfectly 95% of the time thus eliminating creation of bad habits.

Difficulties result when the athlete is not properly informed and motivated to continue using the concepts for training. The measure of differences between highly competitive athletes is so close that 1% to 5 % improvements are difficult to measure. Learning the theory behind the teaching tool may require a tutorial session with the athletes to enable their appreciation for the tools.

We have been using the Split Step Coach with our athletes for some time and I would recommend considering it for prep step fielding practice for infielders/outfielders and tee work and dry swing practice for hitters.  Usually tee work and dry swings are done with no timing component involved.  We have used the SSC1 to add focus and sensory motor training to both practices.   In my mind, the prep step has changed for fielders; I teach a prep split step now to all of my outfielders and infielders.  The science of the first step requires a well-timed split step, as seen with the great plays by Dustin Pedroia, convinced me of the benefits of training with the Split Step Coach.  We have found our athletes are learning to ‘gather’ and better time their loading while hitting; fielders accelerate more quickly on the first step and cover more ground.  

Mike Nassisi
Founder & Director of Coaching at Breathe Baseball, NY
Assistant Baseball Coach at Dominican College, NY


Optimal movement in sports has been considered the most important physical aspect for professional athletes. From the Sports Science viewpoint we like to consider motor skills as well as muscle groups in optimizing our athlete's movements. The sport of tennis demands lateral accelerations with up to 1000 directional changes during a 5 set match.  Inefficient execution of these accelerations can cause exhaustion while weak or mistimed acceleration can result in not being in the optimum hitting position.

We have just begun using the Sports Split Step App and have found that when performing 'shadow training' the athlete can concentrate on the movement and not be distracted with a moving ball. The App provides the stimulus for movement in up to 8 different directions at 3 different speeds and has selectable operation in either Random (Open) or Fixed (Closed) modes.

So far the App has performed as we had anticipated and we are beginning to realize that the device can be used for younger athletes as well as with accomplished athletes. We would recommend considering the devices for many different sports as similar movements and timing are involved in almost all sporting activities.  Due to the uniqueness of the app, it’s a lot of fun to use which adds to the learning experience of the athletes. I am currently using this app with junior tennis players at the Kainos Tennis Academy as well as the University of Stellenbosch's Tennis Team.

Brendan N. Thomas
PhD Sport Science
Stellenbosch University

We use the SSC1 and other tennis training aids to help us make it fun and fast pace for the 10 & under kids. The Sport Split Step concept and training devices are used for 10 minutes every session. While the kids see it as just a fun challenge, we understand that for those who go on to another sport, speed & footwork is still essential."

Bobbie Danise, District 15 Florida NJTL, Chairwoman

The Playmate Timing Light has been a revelation with tennis players, both young and old at my club with the ball machine.  It makes teaching the split step so much easier with the constant visual.  I am not sure why this isn't standard on all ball machines because without knowing when to split step it almost makes it worthless to practice on one.  Now that I see how it works and have used it myself I am seeing improvement in my own movement and with others I teach as well. 

Thanks for sticking with it!

Rick's USPTA Bio

Right on, Vic. I completely agree that first step is important to any athlete, especially in my sport because there is a lot of starting and stopping in tennis.  Players rarely need to run for great distances in baseball so having a quick first step is even more crucial. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Landon Johnston, M.S., NCC

Thank you for sharing your work & producing the App "Sports Split Step Tennis Plus" which I have recently downloaded to my iPad. I find the 
App very useful & fun to use, and am very pleased with it. An enhancement, which I would find useful, however, would be to include
the following options in the menu:

LEFT or RIGHT only (simulate side-side rally) BACK only (smash practice) BACK or FWD only (smash & volley) FORWARD only (drop shot)

Hope you find this helpful, and thank you again for the work you have done. Regards, John