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Evidence Based Concepts (EBC) inherent in these new training devices will revolutionize your approach to competing in your sport. Train your entire body by integrating your sensory and physical systems with precise timing sequences that emulate your opponent’s movements.

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Sports Split Step Tennis (App1)

The SSS Tennis App (APPLE, ANDROID) drills  allows the athlete to improve their acceleration and speed of movement in a progressively challenging manner. Emphasis on seeing, anticipating, hearing and then reacting provides a process by which all athletes can increase their sensory-motor skills, something referred to as  Reaction-Based Training.
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Sports Split Step Tennis Plus (App2)

The SSS Tennis Plus App (APPLE, ANDROID) includes the SSS Tennis App (APPLE, ANDROID and 5 additional drills which allows the athletes to synchronize the start of their split step with the hand fed ball; the App is used with the mobile device mounted onto a chest harness.  A double beep prepares the coach for starting their toss, so that both player and coach can develop the proper timing for splitting and feeding. The player’s movement begins with 1) Split Step, then 2) movement to a hand fed ball, then 3) deceleration to the hitting position and followed by 4) execution of the proper tennis stroke & contact with ball.
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Patterns of Play Tennis Drills (App3)  Available Soon

The Patterns of Play Tennis Drills App provides the tennis player with timed movement drills that sequentially move the players thru different shots at different locations on the court. The movements begin with 1) Split Step, then 2) movement to an imaginary ball, then 3) deceleration to the hitting position and followed by 4) execution of the required tennis stroke. Using this App the players will learn to move around the baseline, then into the court for short balls (i.e. approach shots, drop shots) followed by various volleys and Overhead smashes.
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Baseball Fielding Drills (App4) Available Soon

The Baseball In-Fielding Drills App provides infielders with the opportunity to practice their pre-hop, fielding and throw to first, second, and home bases. These drills and exercises can be used indoors on rainy days or out of doors and do not require a diamond with which to practice and improving fielding skills.The drills emphasize backhand catches, running throws, bunts, pop-ups and line drives.
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Baseball Drills Plus (App5) Available Soon

The Baseball Drills Plus App provides a host of batter and catcher drills in addition to all of the fielding drills found in App4. Batters and catchers will have the opportunity to swing and catch imaginary balls while building their sensory-motor skills.  In Rick Johnston Baseball Zone Blog of May 2013 he describes 6 ways to make a batting practice more effective and emphasizes the fact that most youth level players get only 120 to 240 swings in a summer season.  This problem results from lack of balls, unskilled pitchers, limited fields and limited time in the batter’s box.
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Athletic ReAction Drills (App6) Available Soon

The Athletic ReAction Drills App allows coaches and athletes to hone their reactions to different cues with and without using the Anticipation RED LEDs used with other Apps. This can be useful for those sports that rely more on reactions than on anticipated movement.
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