Baseball Drills Plus (App5)

The Baseball Drills Plus App provides a host of batter and catcher drills in addition to all of the fielding drills found in App4. Batters and catchers will have the opportunity to swing and catch imaginary balls while building their sensory-motor skills.  In Rick Johnston Baseball Zone Blog of May 2013 he describes 6 ways to make a batting practice more effective and emphasizes the fact that most youth level players get only 120 to 240 swings in a summer season.  This problem results from lack of balls, unskilled pitchers, limited fields and limited time in the batter’s box. 

This App will provide each and every baseball player an opportunity to develop their swings in a quality fashion by being able to do hundreds of repetitions in one day. The App provides a series of RED LEDs to indicate the pitcher’s wind up and the ball release with a sequence of cues for the 5 steps in swinging at a ball. 

  1. Load Hands & Stride
  2. Back Hip Explosion
  3. Hands & Knob Towards Ball
  4. Contact
  5. Extension & Follow Through

Features include:

  • Three levels of difficulty (Slow, Medium, Fast).
  • Ten different locations for strike zone pitches.
  • All drills are user selectable as Closed (repeatable) or Open (Random) patterns.
  • User selectable as Closed (repeatable) or Open (Random) colors for batters indicating Fast Ball (RED), Curve Ball (YELLOW) and Knuckle Ball (GREEN); this feature can also be used for catchers when practicing pick off throws to 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
  • User selectable inclusion of a WILD pitch to be Randomly included in any of the drills.
  • Batters can practice direction hitting and bunting
  • Catchers can utilize the App for wild pitches and bunts

Definitions for Pitches:                               

  • INSIDE Pitch => I                        
  • OUTSIDE Pitch => O
  • HIGH Pitch => H
  • LOW Pitch => L
  • LOW & OUTSIDE Pitch => L-O
  • DOWN THE MIDDLE Pitch  => M
  • HIGH & OUTSIDE Pitch => H-O
  • LOW & INSIDE Pitch => L-I
  • HIGH & INSIDE Pitch => H-I
  • WILD Pitch (L-H-I-O)

Drills Include:

  1. Timing of the Stride
  2. I
  3. O
  4. H
  5. L
  6. M, O, M, I
  7. L-O, H-O, L-I, H-I, L-O, H-O
  8. H, L, O, I, H, L
  9. L-I, H-O, L-O, H-I, L-I, H-O, L-O, H-I
  10. L-O, H-O, L-I, I, O, M, H, H-I