Baseball Fielding Drills (App4)

The Baseball Fielding Drills App provides infielders with the opportunity to practice their pre-hop, fielding and throw to first, second, and home bases.

Features include:

  • Three levels of difficulty (Slow, Medium, Fast).
  • All drills are user selectable as Closed (repeatable) or Open (Random) patterns.
  • User selectable as Closed (repeatable) or Open (Random) colors for fielders indicating a ‘Throw to Home’ (RED), ‘Throw to Second (YELLOW)’ and ‘Throw to First (GREEN)’.

Drills Include:

  1. Vertical Timing of the Pre-Hop
  2. Infield Grounder to Left Side (L)
  3. Infield Grounder to Right Side (R)
  4. Infield Grounder to Body (B)
  5. Alternating Grounders to Left, Body, Right & Body (L, B, R, B)
  6. Infield Pop-up or Bunt to Left Side (Forward-L)
  7. Short Outfield Pop-up to Left Side (Back-L)
  8. Infield Pop-up or Bunt to Right Side (Forward-R)
  9. Short Outfield Pop-up (Back-R)
  10. Fielding balls in 1 of 8 different locations