Patterns of Play Tennis Drills (App3)

The Patterns of Play (POP™) Tennis Drills App provides the tennis player with timed movement drills that sequentially move the players thru different shots at different locations on the court. The movements begin with 1) Split Step, then 2) movement to an imaginary ball, then 3) deceleration to the hitting position and followed by 4) execution of the required tennis stroke. Using this App the players will learn to move around the baseline, then into the court for short balls (i.e. approach shots, drop shots) followed by various volleys and Overhead smashes. 

Features include:

  • Three levels of difficulty (Slow, Medium, Fast).
  • Movement selections from 10 different drills.
  • All drills have timed movements in 8 different directions at all locations on the court.
  • All drills are user selectable as Closed (repeatable) or Open (Random) patterns.
  • A simple and fun experience of introducing athletes to sensory-motor training while developing their visualization skills for performing what is referred to as Patterns of Play (POP™).
  • A training environment for combining the split step with moving to a ball and then executing a tennis swing.

Definitions for Patterns of Play (POP™): 
RS is Return of Serve in Zone 4                                    
GS is a Ground Stroke in Zone 4
GS- is a Ground Stroke in Zone 3
GS+ is a Ground Stroke in Zone 5      
AS is an Approach Shot in Zone 2 to 3
VOL is a Volley in Zone 2 to 3  
OH is a OverHead in Zone 3 to 4
DS is a Drop Shot in Zone 1 to 2

Patterns of Play (POP™) include these drills:

2.    RS,AS,V,V,V,V,V,V
7.    RS,GS,GS,GS,AS,V,V,V
8.    RS,AS,V,V,OH,OH,OH,V,V
9.    RS,GS-,GS,GS+,GS,GS-,GS,GS+,GS
10.  RS,GS,GS-,GS,GS+,GS+,GS+,GS-,GS+,GS-
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