Sports Split Step Tennis (App1)

The Sports Split Step Tennis App (APPLE, ANDROID) contains movement drills that allows the athlete to improve their acceleration and speed of movement in a progressively challenging manner. Emphasis on seeing, anticipating, hearing and then reacting provides a process by which all athletes can increase their sensory-motor skills, something referred to as  Reaction-Based Training. 

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Features include:

  • Three levels of difficulty (Slow, Medium, Fast).
  • Movement selections from 10 different drills.
  • All drills have timed movements in up to 8 different directions or combinations of directions.
  • All drills are user selectable as Closed (repeatable) or Open (Random) patterns.
  • A simple and fun experience of introducing athletes to sensory-motor training.
  • Ways to generate the timing for initial movements used in many different sports (i.e. split step in tennis or pre-hop in baseball).
  • A training environment for combining initial movements with sport specific development (i.e. melding of the split step, movement to ball, and kicking/passing an imaginary soccer ball).
  • Sensory cues (both visual and audio) by which to anticipate movement involved in learning to time and hit an imaginary ball, or puck or kicking or shooting a ball (i.e. decelerating and execution of a sports specific movement).
  • Challenges that improve agility and balance for all athletes, while improving sports specific conditioning.
  • An introduction to timed movement in 8 different directions (i.e. 3rd baseman in baseball covering a bunt, pop-up or drive down the line).
  • Great training for the college COMBINE testing.

Drills Cues Include 4 Directional Lights:

1.    Vertical Timing of the Hop (No Directional Lights)
2.    Moving Left (Left Directional Light)
3.    Moving Right (Right Directional Light)
4.    Inside-Out (Left & Right Directional Lights, movement can be coach defined)
5.    Moving Left, Inside-Out, Right, Inside-Out (Left & Right Directional Lights)
6.    Moving Forward-Left (Top or Forward & Left Directional Lights)
7.    Moving Forward-Right (Top or Forward & Right Directional Lights)

8.    Moving Back-Left (Bottom or Back & Left Directional Lights)
9.    Moving Back-Right (Bottom or Back & Right Directional Lights)
10.  Moving in All Directions (1 of 8 different directions)

YouTube Playlist of all Drills