Sports Split Step Tennis Plus (App2)

The Sports Split Step Tennis Plus App (APPLE, ANDROID) includes the Sports Split Step Tennis App (APPLE, ANDROID) drills and 5 additional drills which allows the athletes to synchronize the start of their split step with the hand fed ball; the App is used with the mobile device mounted onto a CHEST HARNESS or the HANGING BRACKET for tablets. There is a double beep that prepares the coach for starting their toss, so that both player and coach can develop the proper timing for splitting and feeding. The player’s movement begins with 1) Split Step, then 2) movement to a hand fed ball, then 3) deceleration to the hitting position and followed by 4) execution of the proper tennis stroke.

Click here for User's Manual.

Features include:

  • Three levels of difficulty (Slow, Medium, Fast).
  • Five different hand fed ball drills with different feed rates
  • Double beep to alert the coach for starting the hand feed
  • Intermediate beep for helping the coach time their hand takeback
  • Single beep for helping the coach time the optimal ball release time
  • Vertical RED LED sequence to alert athlete when to rise into the air
  • A training environment for combining the split step with moving to a ball and then executing a tennis swing and hit of a pitched ball.

Drills Include:

  1. Constant Rate (6 Medium)
  2. Alternating Rate (3 Medium, 3 Slow)
  3. Alternating Rate (2 Medium, 2 Slow, 2 Fast)
  4. Alternating Rate (2 Extra Slow, 2 Fast, 2 Medium)
  5. Alternating Rate (1 Fast, 1 XSlow, 1 Fast, 1 XSlow, 1 Fast, 1 XSlow)

YouTube Playlist of all drills