The Talent Code and Deep Training

April 29, 2011

Daniel Coyle in his New York Times bestselling book, ‘The Talent Code’, coins a term he calls ‘Deep Training’. Deep Training is where an athlete executes repetitively sport specific movements at controlled speeds, so that they can be executed correctly. In so doing the sensory-motor pathways for remembering are greatly enhanced as they increase the speed with more difficult movements.

I teach tennis and have encountered a movement that is difficult for most players to master, this has to do with what we describe as the split step. I would like to find out how others approach this most important move, a move that is done in many sports (basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, defensive players in baseball, badminton, fencing, rugby, wrestling, not golf).

My approach was to build a device that allow my students to focus on a series of LEDs that take them thru the 8 steps involved in the split step for various patterns of play.

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