Ball Cart Timing Light

Ball Cart Timing Light (BCTL)

The athlete does not have to anticipate when the coach is going to be throwing the ball; the athelete merely concentrates on the LEDs and times their split step to the downward LED sequence. The coach will do thier part by timing the ball toss relative to a beep that occurs just as the top RED LED turns ON, at the start of a downward sequence of the LEDs.  The BCTL can be used for beginners as well as advanced professional players that are trying to fine tune some subtle changes in their swing.  There is a remote contol button that can PAUSE the sequence so that the coach can demostrate and communicate with the athlete. By pressing the PAUSE button a second time the coach restart the timing sequence in sync with the athletes service swing and thus they can work and develop a serve and volley.


  • Provides proper timing for the split step
  • Manual remote allows Pause while the coach talks
  • Works with ‘Hand Fed Balls’
  • Accelerates the training and skill building of an athlete
  • Enhances the training of the Split Step, an important move in tennis and in fact all sports
  • Promotes better court or field coverage
  • Develops movements timed to an opponent’s movements
  • Builds aerobic capacity while executing a timed stroke
  • Can be used with players before, during or after the introduction of strokes
  • Stroke production and technique can also be practiced without having the skills required for hitting a real ball
  • Can be used on court, in your driveway, or any open area
  • Allows players to train in large groups, either on a court or inside on rainy days
  • NO AC power is required, as the unit is portable with its own rechargeable battery, charger and cable
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Ball Cart Timing Light
Ball Cart Timing Light