Enhanced Tennis Twist

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The RED LEDs will sequence downward and then upward, and the athlete has to learn to perform different activities during these sequences.  The coach can then hand feed balls to the players after they do the split step and work on movement and/or catching balls. Introduction to stroke development can then be timed to the split step.  This progressive teaching process culiminates with ET2 delivering a special ball, which is timed to the a vertical sequencing signal, in which the player can perform a split step and then hit a real ball. The coach can then concentrate on the swing patterns during this mode of operation.  Users Manual for the Tennis Twist, a Quick Guide and a Serve Ball Feed will provide some help.

  • As the top RED LED turns ON the athlete will have recovered and trying to reposition (called ‘centering’ in tennis) from the previous HIT.
  • This centering will continue until 3 RED LEDs turn ON, at which time the athlete will have to start loading their legs in preparation for the HOP.
  • Full leg loading should be completed by the time the 4th RED LEDs turn OFF in the down sequence.
  • As the 4th RED LED turns OFF the athlete should begin their upward portion of the HOP into the air, an audio BEEP will occur at the same time.
  • As the athlete rises into the air the directional GREEN LED(s) will turn ON and the athlete will begin to sense the indicated directional information.
  • As the athlete develops their skills they will be able to determine the direction and will learn to respond by landing on the opposite foot to the direction they want to move.
  • As the athlete’s foot is thrust to the ground their center of gravity will be propelled with an equivalent force of about 60 pounds for a 100 lb person.
  • As the athlete begins to increase their speed the RED LEDs begin to sequence in an upward direction as the athlete moves towards the final hitting position.
  • After 3 of the RED LEDs turn OFF the athlete must begin to prepare for execution of the HIT; the hit (racket at the contact point) should occur as the TOP RED LED turns ON and the audio BEEP is heard.
  •  As the athlete completes execution of the swing and HIT, they will then begin recovering and centering for the next repetition.

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When you power ON the ET2 it will automatically begin executing the selected drill on the small Thumb Wheel Switch (TWS) located just below the Power Switch at the rear of the ET2.  To change the selected drill, press the small vertical actuator at either end of the TWS; one will increase and the other will decrease the selection.   TWS=8 & TWS=9 settings are not used.

Enhanced Tennis Twist
Enhanced Tennis Twist
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