Video Option

Video Option (VO) - $0.00

This option allows a coach to videotape students and the LED located at the end of the probe, which is illuminated when the split-step should be initiated and again when the sport specific kick, hit or throw should occur. Upon playback the coach can determine whether the player is hopping to soon, to late or not at all and how well the athlete is timing the throw, kick or hit. When used with the Split Step Coach 1 (SSC1) or the Playmate ball machine, this feature allows the video camera to operate anywhere within the court or field and still record the LED as the player times their movements.

● A small red LED is mounted in the end of a plastic tube that attaches to a microphone shoe holder on a video camera.
● The small red LED is timed to come ON when a player should be rising into the air for the hop portion of the split-step.
● The Video Option works with either the Split Step Coach (SSC) or the Timing Light used on ball machines.
● Phone cables with lengths up to 100' allows the coach to move to many different filming locations, or the video camera can be placed ontop of the SSC.
● The LED holder can be moved forward and aft or rotated to any position in the video frame so that close-ups and wide angled shots can be captured.

Video Option (VO)
Video Option (VO)