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Fundamental Sequence of Movement

Consider sports like tennis, lacrosse, football, basketball, pickle ball, racquetball, squash, badminton, baseball, soccer, volleyball where-in we have defensive and offensive players focusing on one object that they are trying to control and direct. The motions involved in all these sports have one thing in common that is very important to the outcome of a contest, the initial step.

Critical Periods of Training Basic Athletic Skills

The page at the end of this article (from the USTA Player Development called 'High Performance U10 Training' March 24, 2011) shows 11 Basic Athletic Skills that the USTA feels our younger athletes need to develop, and the best age for developing these skills.

Progressions for Learning the Split Step using SSC1  

This document allows a coach to quickly setup and begin drills.  The Basic Drills are outlined with all of the required Remote settings for executing up to 14 different training Sessions.  This manual should be used for introducing your players to the concepts of the Split Step.

Progressions for Learning 'Patterns of Play' Using SSC1

This document complements the SSC1 Users Manual by adding specific Advanced procedures in how to setup and train your players in moving around the court.  These drills assume the player has mastered or well on their way to knowing the Split Step.

SSC™ Operator Manual

SSC trains to maximize the starting acceleration with resulting speeds that allow quicker positioning of the individual or player, and thus better control of muscle groups involved in executing a stroke, a kick, a catch, a toss or other complex movements.


The Split Step Coach series of products can be used for training Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Wide Receivers. Check out these ideas for some basic drills that you can build on and develop your own special training packages.

Servicing the HHT Remote Control for SSC Devices 

The Hand Held Transmitter (HHT) will run for 21 continuous hours before the battery runs down. For a 1 second press of any button, the user will be able to press 75,600 times; this should give you a way to approximate how many days of use before the battery needs replacing. This document also provides a step by step procedure one can follow for RESETING the device if replacement of the batteries doesn't fix the problem.

USERS MANUAL for Playmate Timing Light

The Ball Machine Timing Light (BMTL) emulates the timing of athletes in the sport of tennis. Furthermore it provides a platform by which the player can perform what Daniel Coyle in his New York Times bestselling book, ‘The Talent Code’, describes as ‘Deep Training’.

Playmate Installation Guide for Timing Light

This Guide provides a step by step process using pictures and text for installing the Timing Light and cable for operation with a Playmate ball machine.  The process is straight forward and requires only a screw driver and about 20 minutes of time. 

Enhanced Tennis Twist Operator Manual

Providing a footwork training device for the youngest of our athletes might be one of the most important aspects of helping them achieve the best they can become. The ET2 is simple, but provides 8 different footworking drills that help with moving around the playing court or field. In particular the timing lights used with this device provide sport specific cues for specific movements, and thus provide for sensory-motor development. The ET2 will also allow the coach to hand feed balls to the players and when the timing and skill sets have been developed the ET2 can provide timed balls for a wide variety of drills.


Professional fencers will perform many of the same basic movements on each and every attack or retreat. Both the offensive and defensive fencer are at a disadvantage when not utilizing the Balestra move (both feet off the strip) to make decisions. The timing of the Hop or Balestra is crucial in order to read and react to the opponent's movement and train the Sensory-Motor Pathways.

3 Year Warranty on All Products 

Eligibilty for Sports Split Step Limited 3 Year Warranty is activated from the date the product was received from either Sports Split Step or an authorized distributor.

Red, Yellow and Red Balls

The latest modern teaching tools (Coach 1 and Coach 2) from Sports Split Step provides 'color' cues, thus  allowing coaches much more flexibility in teaching athletes sensory-motor skills.

Teaching Tools Manual

The Serve & Volley PAD is one of the most novel teaching tool and provides excellent training for the most difficult of the split step movements.  A Timing Light can be used with ball machines to increase the learning speed for the split step.  In addition, we offer a Video Option that will allow the coach to video tape both the players and a timed flash from a small LED, thus monitoring proper execution of the split step.

Teaching the Serve Progression

No doubt one of the most complex shots in the game of tennis and as a result the most diverse and probably the most misunderstood. Observing two of the best servers in today's game might be informative when the movements are analyzed relative to the LOADING and UNLOADING of the legs during the service motion. This simple approach links many of the 'keys' and 'tips' ones hears at lessons and seminars.  Could it be something useful to your teaching the serve?

Sports Attack Installation Guide for Timing Light

This guide uses photographs and text to simplify the installation of the Timing Light.  The installation involves cleaning various surfaces for attaching Velcro to hold the main components.  The Timing Light used with the Sports Attack ball machine can also be used with other ball machines; if you want to discuss an interface for a different ball machine let us know.

Braden and the Advantage Brace

Vic Braden has depicted many situations where-in the wrist can cause serious problems when hitting a tennis ball. The Advantage maintains a firm wrist for better racket control while you develop the muscle memory required when learning to play racket sports like tennis.